• Contract Labor.
    No Agency.

    Yes, really.

    Flutter's self-service technology allows healthcare facilities and caregivers to communicate and negotiate directly. You choose the rate, Flutter does the rest.

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What's Flutter?

Every layer between a hospital and a caregiver adds to the bill rate. We don't think that's okay.

Flutter's cloud-based technology replaces a traditional agency by connecting unit managers directly to caregivers, providing transparent per-diem and travel contracts.

How does it work?

Choose the Bill Rate

Use Flutter's calculator to see how the bill rate affects the caregiver's pay. Even small changes can make a big difference

Negotiate Directly

Skip the time it normally takes for your agencies to relay messages back and forth



Send a pay package directly from Flutter to your caregiver, using the rates you've agreed to  


Flutter Takes Off

We handle credentialing, payment and on-boarding according to facility specifications 

So... Flutter is an Agency?

Yes and no. But mostly no.

We're a clinically-minded, self-service technology that's working to help solve the nursing shortage. One way to do that is to eliminate the hefty commissions that increase bill rates.

We're really good at back-office stuff. Our dedicated team can get caregivers on-boarded and on the floor faster than a traditional agency. Clock us.


Get Started


Get Started

How much are traditional agencies paying themselves when they place a contingent worker?

You probably don't know. And that's on purpose.

Staffing agency profits are hidden from both healthcare facilities and caregivers. Overhead, commissions, technology fees... they all drive up cost while keeping candidates at arms length from the facility.

Every Traveler Comes Home

For Caregivers
For Facilities
For Non-Clinical
For Referrals
For Caregivers
Flutter for caregivers

Work on your schedule, where you want, for a price you negotiated.

You work hard to care for your patients. Why should an agency take such a big cut? We're not like any agency you've ever worked for. We'll step back and let you and the facility negotiate, or we'll help if you need us.
For Facilities

You've tried nearly everything to get your departments staffed. It's time to get creative.

You're being held hostage by your current staff, who keep leaving for lucrative travel contracts. Your culture scores are tanking and patient ratios just aren't getting better. We get it. We're a team of former nurses and technology experts who came up with a new solution.

Try our calculator. See what a contingent caregiver actually takes home with Flutter. Minor changes go a long way when you remove a traditional agency's overhead, sales commissions and desire to keep the status quo.

For Non-Clinical

It takes more than direct patient care to keep a facility running.

Flutter works for every department, from SPD to administration
For Referrals

Ask about our referral program

We're confident that we have the best referral program out there.

Help us find good caregivers who deserve more than being called a hero.